Upper-room GUV Fixtures

When exposing microorganisms to GUV "the light penetrates through their cell wall and disrupts the structure of their DNA molecules, prohibiting reproduction."

Upper-room germicidal ultraviolet units are designed to irradiate air that may be potentially contaminated with bacteria, viruses or mold. These fixtures have been used in healthcare facilities for several decades to protect occupants.

“Upper-room germicidal ultraviolet (GUV) systems are recommended to reduce M. tuberculosis transmission to health workers, persons attending health care facilities or other persons in settings with a high risk of transmission.”

( WHO guidelines on Tuberculosis Infection, prevention and control: 2019 Update. )

The AeroMed® InFinityTM GUV (germicidal ultra violet) fixture represents the first significant improvement in upper-room GUV design in over two decades! Utilizing AeroMed’s patented InFluenceTM technology, higher GUV output levels are created throughout a space. In addition to common airborne-spread germs, the AeroMed InFinity GUV upper- room fixtures are intended to be used for tuberculosis infection prevention and control in accordance with WHO 2019 updated guidelines.

“Upper-room germicidal ultraviolet (GUV) systems are recommended to reduce M. tuberculosis transmission to health workers, persons attending health care facilities or other persons in settings with a high risk of transmission.”

Improvements to standard baffle and reflector design, along with opening up the sides of the fixture, have given the Infinity™ series a higher output of UV irradiation. Higher UV levels within the upper air of a room will lead to improved performance, ultimately creating a safer environment for patients, staff and visitors.

What makes us better?

Higher UV output provides better protection Wider angle of irradiation Less stray light and less UV exposure for staff Broader band of irradiation Designed for higher fluence rates than other units With higher output, fewer units may be required.

Key Features

Better Reflectors: The Infinity units use multiple reflectors to ensure that more of the UV light created by the bulb actually gets out of the fixture and into the upper air of the space.

Better Baffles: Baffles block stray UV light that could create an exposure risk for staff and patients. The baffles are uniquely spaced to do a better job of blocking stray light while not interfering with light that is directed forward from the reflectors.

Better Coverage: The Infinity units are designed to not block the UV light coming from the side of the fixture. This gives the unit a wider angle of irradiation allowing more of the air in the space to be irradiated.

The Infinity unit is the first fixture to use multiple parabolic reflectors to direct the UV energy out of the fixture. The geometry of a parabola is such that all energy coming from a correctly located focal point is emitted from the fixture as parallel or collimated light. In typical fixtures light coming off of the front and rear of the bulb is lost and is not reflected forward.

Wider Angle of Irradiance – The AeroMed Infinity fixture (top) has a wider angle of irradiance than typical UV fixtures. A typical fixture has over 350% more area that is not irradiated than the Infinity unit. The Infinity is a “green” product that does not create more UV energy but allows more of that energy to leave the fixture, increasing efficiency and performance, creating a safer environment.

Using AeroMed’s InFluence™ technology increases performance while using standard components. This increase in output may allow the user to install fewer units and still create the necessary irradiance levels throughout the space. This will reduce the cost of the initial installation while also reducing the cost of maintain and powering the equipment.

Specifications Imperical Units SI Units
Dimensions: 7.5" H x 25.75" W x 7.4" D 191 mm H x 654mm W 188 mm D
Weight: 14 lbs. 6.35 kilograms
Plugs available: A/B C/D/M/N
Note: Fixture * Minimum install height 7' from the floor *Minimum install height 2.13m from the floor
Electrical 110-277 Volts @ 50/60 Hz, 28 nominal watts, UV watts 8.5
UV Lamp part# AM-INF-UVL
Cabinet Baffle section: powder coated aluminum
Unit base: stainless steel
Reflectors - 95% UV Reflective metal
UV Output 0.84 UV watts (As measured by Independent laboratory)
O.P.D. Waiting Areas
Radiology Departments
A.R.T. Waiting Areas
Chest Clinic Exam Rooms and Waiting Areas
Operating Theaters
DOT Centers
TB Wards
Prison Health Clinics