Company Profile

Bill Palmer
President Aeromed Inc.

Bill Palmer has spent his entire career of 39 years in the ventilation and air purification industry. He has solely spent over 30 years of his life dedicated to creating and implementing products and services in support of airborne infection control. As an entrepreneur, he has designed and brought over 20 HEPA filtration ventilation products for healthcare facilities. Recently, he designed 5 UVC products for use in airborne infection control application one of which was awarded a patent for its unique multi parabolic reflector design (2013, US and Chinese patent).

AeroMed was incorporated in 1992, under the name of Custom Air Controls. In the mid-1990s, the company expanded its offerings to include servicing of HEPA and UV equipment including installation, testing, certification, and commissioning. By the early 2000s, the AeroMed product line had expanded to become the broadest of products for the healthcare airborne infection market. Their products included portable HEPA devices used as supplements to ventilation in isolation and waiting rooms, ceiling-mounted, and inline ducted units used for creating negative pressure rooms, and wall-mounted HEPA exhaust units for isolation rooms.

In 2007 the company changed its name from Custom Air Controls to AeroMed to reflect a shift in focus to manufactured products. It was at this time that AeroMed entered the international market for airborne infection control. Working with the NIH AeroMed installed equipment in South Korea and China which are high burden TB countries. In 2013, AeroMed designed and patented its InFinity UV product. The higher output generated by the unique multiple parabolic reflector design allowed AeroMed to more effectively apply this technology in countries such as India, Vietnam, Pakistan, and the United States.