Aerosol Treatment Chambers

AeroMed is pleased to present the AeroMed ATC (Aerosol Treatment Chamber), a negative pressure booth for performing sputum inductions, aerosolized pentamidine treatments, and other cough inducing procedures.

In the 2005 Guidelines for Preventing the Transmission of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Health-Care Facilities, the CDC states, “When a cough-inducing or aerosol generating procedure must be performed on a patient with suspected or confirmed infectious TB disease, use a local exhaust ventilation device (e.g., booth or special enclosure).”

The AeroMed ATC is an aerosol treatment chamber designed to protect healthcare staff during the administration of Pentamidine or during sputum induction procedures.

The CDC states, “All cough-inducing procedures performed on patients who may have infectious TB should be performed using local exhaust ventilation devices (e.g., booths or special enclosures) …”

The patient sits in the booth during the procedure. Air is drawn into the booth through a pre-filter on the top of the unit. The air is then drawn past the patient and through a HEPA filter that is located under the seat. The HEPA filter removes airborne particulate contaminants at a removal efficiency of 99.97% on particles 0.3 microns in size.

  • Negative pressure booth for staff protection from infectious patients during aerosol generating procedures
  • Pressure monitor with digital display and audible alarm
  • >140 ACH (Air Changes per Hour)
  • External nebulizer shelves
  • Stainless steel base and hinges
  • Easy transport within your facility using our unique transport handle

This filtered air is exhausted from the back of the booth just above the floor. The process of exhausting filtered air from the treatment chamber creates negative pressure in the chamber relative to the surrounding area. This difference in pressure prevents potentially contaminated air from leaving the booth and possibly infecting others.

The HEPA section is protected by a heavy gauge perforated grille to prevent damage by the patients. The pre-filter is accessed by lifting the patient chair which is fastened in place by tamper resistant screws.

Shelves are provided on the units exterior to support a nebulizer or other equipment required to perform aerosol procedures. A shelve is provided on the inside of the unit for patients set personal belongings on.

Air Exchange Rate - The volume of air being exhausted from the chamber is 115 CFM. This volume of exhaust means that the air within the chamber is exchanged in excess of 140 times per hour.

Construction - The chamber frame is constructed of 12 gauge galvanized steel that is powder coated. The clear window panels are formed from ¼” lexan for maximum durability, visibility and lighting.

HEPA Filter Specifications - Each AeroMed HEPA filter shall have a minimum efficiency of 99.97% on 0.3 micron size particles when tested on a Q-107 Penetrometer. This testing is done in compliance with Institute of Environmental Science standard IES-RP-CC001.3. Each filter is individually tested and labeled to show compliance with this standard.

Monitoring -The AeroMed ATC is provided with a pressure monitor and alarm that provides quantitative indication of proper operation. The monitor gives a continuous, real time display of the pressure differential between the room and the chamber interior. If the air pressure of the chamber interior becomes positive relative to the space outside of the booth, both an audible and visual alarm will activate. This helps to prevent the unsafe use of the chamber.

Dimensions : 76.5” H x 31” W x 48” D Outside
69” H x 28” W x 42” D Inside
Electrical : 115 Volts, 0.9 Amps, 100 Watts
Air Filters : 2 Pre-filters
HEPA : 99.97% @ 0.3 microns
Air Volume : 115 CFM
Weight : 500 lbs
Noise Level : < 55 dBa
AC/H : >140
Casters : 2 – 4” wheels on booth, 2 – 4” wheels on handle
Handles : Door handles and patient handle are 304 stainless
Hinges : All hinges are 304 stainless
Cabinet : Base is 304 stainless steel Walls are 12 gauge, powder coated steel
Windows : ¼” lexan